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oh m'gosh...i did spell it wrong...both i am educated.....
well....we could have 100..canons or clergymen, each sitting in a gun port, praying that the enemy will go away ......
i never understood the practicality of all that ornamentation either....but if it weren't for that, i probably wouldn't even build a ship...when i built the victory, i always felt kinda empty, like something was wrong, or missing...somehow the sculptures made the ship come alive....maybe like the ancients putting an eye on the're starting to make me think about something i never thought about one could write a book about the psychology behind that......modern ships are undesirable to's all about conquering the ocean or nature rather than having a romance with it....probably silly, but i can't think of anything else to explain my feelings.....better stop before i put my foot in my, or someone's mouth
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