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Well, groovy, Fariplay. In that case I'll post up on a couple of things I encountered in the build.

My motor weighs 10.5oz and right now I'm balancing with 22.3oz of batteries in the fuse pretty much right under the prop. With a .46 weighing in at 17-18oz with muffler you'll probably have to add some nose ballast to balance. If you've got a .60 or .75 laying around it might work better (might as well make the weight usable right?) although it would make the plane more top heavy and I'm not sure how well it would fit the cowl. One of the nice things about going electric with this plane is that you get to weight the keel with the batteries.

I had two issues with the emmenage assembly. These may be difficult to describe, but hopfully either they'll make sense when you start building or maybe you won't have the issues at all.

1) Assembled per the manual the bottom of the rudder stuck out below the keel fin. I wanted to keep the rudder protected by that fin but positioning it high enough on the fin to protect the lower edge had it interfering with the elevator travel at the upper edge.

2) With the stab positioned on the fin so that the elevator hinge line was even with the back of the fin there's a large area of bare wood exposed on the LE of the fin. This is visible on nearly every picture I found of the thing online.

So far I've tried adding a shim of lightened 1/4" ply under the stab. That raised the elevator hinge line out of the rudder's way. Then I shaped the shim to blend the exposed wood area into the stab. I just need a scrap of matched covering to finish the job. Another option would have been to cut down the rudder to allow for elevator travel. Hmmm, now that I look at the pictures again I may do that instead if I can find a good match for the covering.

If anybody has a better idea before I make it all permanent I'm open to suggestions.

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