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Originally Posted by HSC2 View Post
Two more question abot the data loging :

Two wired thing hapened to mee : : Why my ICE show 2,5 less Ampers than is real value ( I tested with the Certificatad Ampermeter, and also my charge say soo.

Please look the first picture and you will see the max peak is cca 11 Amps ( I fact is 25 A measured with CE Ameter )

And also the charging curve is 2,5 lover than shold bee ( graph says cca300 mAh and my charger says 750mAh.........

How comes ( maybe because I have shortened the wires )
Well, first of all, it looks from your graph like you are only running about 4 to 5 amps -- and the datalogger isn't going to be very accurate at the bottom of the scale. The A/D converter is only going to have a few counts that low, which is going to make aliasing an issue.

It should be pretty accurate at higher amperage.

That said, the ICE datalogger isn't a precision current meter. Don't expect to see 1% precision, that just isn't going to happen on a controller that costs $100.

On the battery discharge - - we just report how much charge is removed from the battery. The charger reports how much charge is added to the battery. There will always be a very large difference between the two, because the discharge on the battery is only around 80-85% efficient, and charge is only about 80-85% efficient. This means that 15-20% of the power taken from the battery is lost as heat in the battery BOTH during charge and during discharge.

Wire lengths don't enter into it -- the current measurements are taken on the circuit board of the ICE.
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