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Good luck Dan! I spent most of the year updating my highly modified plans for the enlargemet of Kevin's F-18 that was an EJF short kit. Hopefully the plans will get published in a magazine, the jet columnist for that mag will be getting a hold of a short kit soon, the parts are getting laser cut for me.

If you want to do grass field ops, I'd suggest a 15 degree angle for the gear behind the cg, mine is about 30 degrees and it makes for long takeoffs due the the large amount of downforce on the tail, a higher speed needs to be obtained. I tried ROG on grass with my Haoye conversion a while back and it couldn't get enough speed, but it was not freshly mowed (I had large tires 2 1/2" in the front and 3" mains I think but the grass was long in spots). With the 15 degree angle it may sit on it's butt with no battery in it but you're worried about flying!

I bet your's will look even better with that cad model.

My favorite setup is the Mega 22/30/2 (with HPI heatsink) in the Midi on 6S 5000 (2 x 3s 6000 taped end to end and running in series). Pulls about 74 amps HOC and 1600 watts. But if you have 8S 4000 packs already I guess you need a different motor. Maybe the 22/30/3 Mega.
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