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Wind damn it, I want wind!

Here's my 2 cents. Please don't take any of this as criticism of past events. I have only missed one Soar Utah and I've had a great time every time I have attended. But you asked what I want....... (and now you're gonna get it )

The one thing I would really really like is if you could set up a primary hotel with decent rates for the out of town guests. It's a lot more fun for us if there's a bunch of slope nutz in the same place. It would be nice if the banquet was close to that and the hill. Some years it's been half way across town. You have always had a few hotels listed but the last few there were no special rates and they were small places so people ended up spread around. In 2006 I called and got a group rate at the extended stay for the ISR that was $20 a night better than the rates at the recommended hotels.

T shits are cool, but if you are gonna do one make it decent. I remember one Soar Utah shirt in particular that was just too embarrassing to even wear. I didn't like the one with all the mfg logos all over it either.

Keep it a fun fly, racing means less flying time. If you want racing have another event. I like the Fun Fly with a scale and PSS overtones. It's fun, relaxed and still offers a little competition for those so inclined. Continue to keep the wings and combat foamies out of the sky.

Not really interested in more locations. I'd prefer one or two good locations. I'm driving 800 miles to get there, the last thing I want to do once I arrive is drive all over Utah. The Aero tow on the lake was cool though!

As you can see, most of my requests are geared around not having to drive much. I think most of the out of town guys will feel the same way. We are there to FLY, not drive.

Raffles are cool, but I don't care one way or the other if you have one or not. I realize raffles are what pays for these events for most clubs. So try to have as good a raffle as you can. Having a few good prizes is better than dozens of stupid prizes. I'd rather spend $20 and win nothing, than spend $20 and win a useless gift certificate or a foam beer cooler with the logo of the local hobby shop on it. With raffles, Quality is better than quantity.
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