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Originally Posted by littleoak View Post
I fly with a motor with very near your motor specs, Turnigy TR28-30B, I have a watt meter now so I'll see what is pulls static on Monday, but I'm guessing around 150W at around 15A.
Model: TR2830-1050
I was using a 11x3.8 APC SF prop, I bought a slightly lighter (and cheaper ) from Hobby City, which are not quite as brittle as the APC. Next order I will try a GWS, but I always feel more comfortable with a fairly rigid prop. They just seem to 'bite the air' better when punching out from down low. I am also quite aggressive in flight. I like to go vertical and do spins and blenders, and that draws quite a lot of amps.

I think the motor and prop 'escaped' because the repair from previous escape was not good enough. It is as good as I can get now without adding bracing etc. which I want to avoid. The only thing that holds the motor in is the Depron slots and the glue to between the depron and the mounts, but we will see next week. If it breaks again, I will brace it. I could brace it now with some 3mm foam from Hobby Lobby. But I may also buy another kit and outfit with an ultralite setup. I like the slightly heavier plane, as I can fly in 10-15mph breeze, and I don't fly indoors. I really like the way this plane fly's.
This Plane flys nicer everytime I fly it. We had a GREAT weather day today, calm, warm and sunny.

I forgot to time my 3S750 flight, but I did have one of the club guys time my last flight with a Rhino 3S610 and with aggressing climbs, torque rolls, hovers and everything I could toss at it, just shy of 6 minutes. The little 610s don't last long in my i3D biplane either, about the same.

As I am slowly getting the CG back to its happy place, this thing flys very nice! It is very well behaved.

I may look into the motor you have, my old Park 400 920 has gutz, no problem, but I got it used and it has some wear on it, makes a little noise so I know it is not as efficent as it could be but it sure tosses and twists this plane around.

Since I have not done the canopy mod, small 1/2 inch strip of blenderm tape at the back an it was all good.
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