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CLIC wing thumbs up, EDF 50 thumbs down

I just flew my CLIC for the first time and it far exceeds my expectations. Fast and slow, able to handle wind, easy to fly yet challenging and something I feel comfortable flying yet willing to take risks with (most say I take risks with everything) and just plane fun. Here is a picture of my CLIC, 2p1s CBC 850 Lipo, CS-10 servos, GWS ISC 100e ESC, EDF-50 motor with heat sink and 3 X 2 prop. The goo on the heat sink is thermal grease that I got a little carried away with.

I only flew about 7 minutes then landed because it seemed to be loosing a little power and check how the Lipos were doing. I also wanted to switch to a 3 X 3 prop. Everything was cool to the touch so I switched props and tried to test run the motor. It would hardly turn over then quit. I tried my other battery with the same results. I was thinking "OH MY GOD, the smoke came out of the ECS. How could that have happened?" I went home with my tail between my legs. I first checked my batteries, they were OK (this is my first experience with Lipos and I find them a little unbelievable). I then plugged my back up EDF-50 into the ESC and it spun up with no problem. Phew, the ESC is OK but DAMN, I only got 7 minutes on a $10 motor. From reading post here there seems to be a wide range of MTF with this engine, from DOA to 20+ 15 minute flights. Where is the average? If it is closer to the low end of the range I can't afford them. If towards the high end of the scale I will use them for awhile.

Has anyone used the Johnson 250 on this wing? If so, how did you get it to balance without strapping 7 1700 SCRs on the front? I have $5.00 worth of these or 10 motors and would like to use them. But I don't want to turn the CLIC into a pig.

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