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Thanks for to guidance Gerald!

We get a 14 minute window in which to fly a 6 minute flight, spot land and return the Tx to the impound. The point about min sink performance being be more important than max L/D is probably true but it can be hard to see the little ones when they top out at or over a 1000'.

My last effort was AG3 foil at 1.2 M based roughly on the Mimi wing. Inside panel was HL60 and outer Formular what ever is sold in the big box stores, carbon rods top and bottom but with a film covering. AUW was 185gm with spent motor, pod and pylon [40-45 gm no matter the size plane hence the desire to compensate with a bigger wing]

I don't have any skills with XFLR5 and must do things empirically so I shall build a 1.1, a 1.3 [Z46-Z36 as you suggest] and a 1.5 [2P] and see if I can try them all on the same day. The idea being that reportedly the 1.5s can stay up much longer than the 1 M in dead air. The test will be to see if the smaller wings extra altitude compensates for the duration of the larger wings. I can then with confidence go chase thermals.

Thanks again.

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