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Originally Posted by ty_horn View Post
yeah, I completely understand why people add cf rods and tape and everything else but I guess it depends on your flying style. If you want to do a full throttle dive and see how fast you really can make it go then you better do some reinforcing. I just don't like to add the weight because I like to float around with a light plane just as much as I like to go fast!

I agree with you on the elevons though. I don't think they are very effective even at WOT with the stock set up. My Dad was rolling while in a dive and couldn't come out of it so his Stryker hit the ground at full throttle and of course it hit the sidewalk instead of the grass :-)
I've done that twice due to the elevons bending. Both at about 85mph.

BTW, we have radared two completely stock strykers at our club field. Out of the box theyhit 63mph on level passes.

SO getting a stryker to 120mph is crazy. I can't even get my funjet past 105mph. I only have flown 3S though I am crossing over to 4S as we speak.
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