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Well last night I used a number of (slow) processes to build my stations ready for a .dxf export of my big fuselage. I haven't looked, but there must be a faster means of labelling parts than manually placing text/grouping with said objects. Perhaps there is a script for this, dunno--will check later this evening or maybe one of you guys already knows.

Anyways, met with our local laser guy today and checked out his work. His bed is 4x8', though his cut limit is 2x4 due to a lack of suitable substrate so it looks like I'm going to be giving him a bunch of files instead of one huge cut template for this project. Home Depot carries 1/8" luan ply for $9 (sweet) and Mike from Laser Etch Hawaii is going to do this one-off run for $50! AWESOME.

Does T-Splines ever go on sale? I noted on Rhino's site last night that they specify current plugins will have to be recompiled to work with Rhino5-64. Anybody tried the combo of R5 64-bit WIP + T-Splines 2.1 out yet? Thanks for any input.

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