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Calculating the stall speed of our plane...

In the last post, we calculated the wing loading of our plane, which happened to be 10.4 ounces per square foot. This, by itself, doesn't tell us much of anything. But it does give us all the information we now need to calculate the stall speed of our plane. And we remember the stall speed as the slowest possible speed we can fly our plane without having it fall to the ground. Knowing this stall speed will be very important in helping us select a motor and prop for our plane!

So how do we determine or calculate the stall speed? It's simplicity at it's finest. We simply use Google to tell us the square root of our wing loading (10.4), and then we multiply the answer by 5. That's all there is to it.

Go to Google and type in the following...

square root of 10.4

Now hit the Search button and presto... Google shows us the answer is 3.2 - So all we have to do now is multiply this answer by 5, and we have the stall speed of our plane!

3.2 x 5 = 16 mph. Our plane has a stall speed, a bare minimum... of 16 mph. And that is all the math we will ever use. Period. We're on our way...
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