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Hi Tom,

Yes, tsplines has a command similar to Rhino's Offset Surface. It is "tsThicken". (All tsplines commands have a "ts" prefix). tsThicken is less precise than Rhino's Offset Surface, so it is chiefly useful if you are modelling rapidly in tsplines and don't want to interrupt yourself and drop back into Rhino. (If you use a Rhino command on a tsplines model, it automatically kicks it back into NURBs -- not necessarily a good idea if you have a project in progress, because you must then re-convert into tsplines and pick up where you left off.

In the end, once the tsplines model is finished, I would go back into Rhino follow the procedures worked out by Vintage.

A helpful feature of tsplines is that from the very start, you have a unified, watertight surface. It will not crack and break and krinkle and fail Booleans. A NURBs surface will sometimes get pretty cranky. You don't have these particular frustrations in tsplines. However, there is of course a different set of frustations...

It is a free download and runs for 30 days. Give it a try, see what you think. It does not have very many commands, so it isn't like taking on a major programming language like AutoCAD or Rhino. It is a plug-in.

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