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Anyone for rudder only with a vintage look?

This is a Debolt inspired original design that is meant to look similar to the Rebel and Live Wire Champ of the late 50's.

I've got about 20 flights on it now and I'm thinking of converting it to 3 channel with the addition of an elevator and *gasp* a throttled Norvel 061. Seems my RC club doesn't like me flying upwind when it's behind the flightline (something about safety rules). But anyone that flies rudder only knows that you NEED to keep it generally upwind. Oh well, at least with throttle I can touch and go.

As a rudder only it's a demon. Climb to about 300 feet and then it's a spiral away from continuous rolls, loops split S's, Immelmans and whatever until the engine quits.

Currently sitting at 19 oz's with a Black Widow for oomph. Get this, the radio is my new Airtronics RD6000 full computer set. Talk about overkill....

The pic.....
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