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Originally Posted by wcc963 View Post
hey do you guys use the standard Z-bend or mini e/z connectors? i used the Z-bend on my Yak but had some problems getting the ailerons set evenly when the servo is centered... i know mini e/z connectors would solve this problem
How are you doing this?

Here's what I do:

Cut Carbon rods to length for both ailerons.
Make 4 Z-Bends, total length of the piece after the Z-bend about 1" long
Cut some heat shrink so that it will slide over the carbon and the Z-bend rod.
Slide the heat shrink over the carbon rod, then over the Z-bend rod, making sure the Z-bend is just off the edge of the carbon (on both sides of the carbon rod).
Shrink the heat shrink.
Pull 1 Z-bend rod out of 1 side of each carbon rod.
Insert 1 Z-bend into your servo arm, and one into the control horn.
Turn on the transmitter/airplane
Center your aileron servo
Slide the Z-bend that was removed from the heat shrink, back into the heat shrink where it was originally.
The heat shrink does not hold the carbon rod/Z-bends steady, you have to glue them, so shorten/lengthen the rod as needed.
Glue over each side of the carbon rod where the Z-bends attach.
Voila, perfectly centered ailerons.

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