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The airplane is complete. Now it's time for a maiden flight... Wish me luck

I removed the pan system as I figured rudder would be more useful than a pan system that I never use. I did incorporate tilt, though as I use that very often.

I also made shielding out of aluminum foil to keep the servos from jittering. I once made shielding like this for a power monitoring at a power plant. if foil can shield 13kV, it ought to shield against 900MHz.

Motors: Twin LazerToyz blue wonders rewound as 13T Wye with 23AWG ML wire ~1420 kv
ESC: dual LazerToyz 30 Amp (yes I know it's overkill)
Battery: 3S 2250 Lipo
AUW: 47 oz, 41 without video equipment
Wing: 48" Fiberglassed foam Gottengen 538
Video battery: 500 maH 3S Lipo
Display: Remzibi's poor man's OSD with GPS

Currently the motors are only running at about 8 Amps each on 7X5 props. I might go to an 8" prop to get a little more thrust. Right now I have 28 oz thrust at 16 Amps. I also might rewind another set of motors to 11 turns which should get me significantly more thrust and speed.
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