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With about 3 hours of fun the FHH heli is ready for electronics installation.

I check every fastener for thread locker except the two self tapping machine screws that tie the tail boom supports to the plastic bottom rear of the chassis. These get a tiny drop of CA adhesive to capture the screws. I found only three fasteners that were not thread locked. This is by far the best I have seen for any partially built heli out of the box. In spite of this, I encourage you to check and reapply thread locker on every fastener to metal junction.

The BL motor is a nice looking unit and is easily installed on the supplied CNC motor mount. Mounting screws are easy to get to for gear mesh adjustment.

The chassis mount for the tail boom also has the belt drive pulley, so this mount must be removed form the chassis in order to be able to install the belt. This is an easy task, but be certain that the T/R is rotating up into the down wash from the main rotor circle as the main rotor rotates in a CW direction when viewed from above.

There are no Phillips head fasteners in the kit and this is a major bonus as these fasteners heads strip out and have a very short service life. Socket head machine screws are used every where. There are also anodized washers supplied everywhere a fastener touches Carbon fiber. This is another thing that you pay extra for on many of the competition's helis.

More to come as we install servos, gyro and receiver on the FHH 500.

Cheers - Boyd
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