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Please and thanks, Warren! I'll PM you with my e-mail addy for the Flap info.

My thoughts regarding power are starting to head in two directions. Feel free to comment:

1. Mega 7-turn (direct) with 6S1P 2100 Lipoly cells delivering some 15 amps. Would be around the 300 watt mark. I'd imagine the AUW would be around 3.5 pounds. Would need to play with * calc to estimate an appropriate prop. Obviously, with the 7-turn, I am aiming for a reasonably large folder. I'd wonder about the need for nose ballast, however. But this would result in a nice LIGHT plane.

2. Larger Mega, lower wind, and gearbox. Lower cell-count with higher amps. IOW, a more traditional setup with brushless power. In this case, I could easily get 400 watts or more, but I'd use the 9 cell RC2400 pack that I already have. Around 40 amps or so.

In both cases, the idea is to prop for good vertical, but at a slow speed - maybe 30 mph ish. Regardless of the power setup, I'd definitely not be yanking the bird around - just looking for suggicient power to get to thermal-chasing height quickly.

Thanks for your help with this one!

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