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Guys, I have been thinking along the same lines, and we need to urge the designers to come up with a solution...

The cells definately warm up during overcharge, then they puff, then they get hotter, then they burst and flame... I know I have overcharged one, and caught it just as it "puffed"... It was about 120F at that point.

So I envision a casing that the cells are placed into either at MFG, or Post-MFG by a value-added reseller.

The casing (I have no idea what material) would have thermal AND pressure-sensitive circuitry that could cut the charge voltage to the cells... This would not be the "normal" cut-off for charging, but a circuit-breaker system...

I imaging the charging would have to take place "through" this casing-circuitry.

I wish I was an engineer, I would set to work on it.

Thanks, Dan
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