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Actually I was less interested in the speed/torque results than in the weight savings from eliminating gears (and gear shafts). I have some stripped gears from a HS55 here, just counted all the teeth. Ratios look like 20:8, 48:10, 48:12, 32:8, and 31:10, for a total of approx 600:1 with 6 gears (including the 8 tooth metal pinion). Replacing the first drive gear with a clone of the second drive gear and then removing the 4th drive gear would give you a ratio around 372:1. This would give you about 80% more speed, 40% less torque, and save you the weight of one of the two heaviest gears at the cost of the weight of half of one of the middle gears. If you could replace the pinion with a 6-tooth plastic pinion then you would save even more weight and get back closer to the original performance.
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