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Hey Paul;

I shipped a Sig somethin Extra to CA once in a custom built cardboard box. The Fed Ex lady had to look the other way on the dimensions a littel and it took me 3 tries to get them to take it. $25 insured though.

My method for the next one now that I have done more research will be to Crate it with Ply wood, and ship it Greyhound. The 1/4 scale and bigger guys do this all the time. I lookedinto it and it sounds like the way to go. It is guaranteed out on the next bus, and there within drive time from one place to another so its faster than most other shipping. The best part is that the weight of the package is insignificant to the size of the packaging. I think the same plane shipped in a 40 pound crate was $35.00

"Whats the catch:" The reciever and shipper have to drive to the greyhound terminal to ship/pickup.

Bonito is going strong now Paul BTW. I got a 15 minute flight the other day less than 100' off the ground as it would not come down once it hit the small puddle of lift at the end of the runway. What a hoot.

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