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I stripped the heli down to the main frame (through frustration) and reinstalled the gears and parts on another frame (I have 2) and removed the seperate escs, hh gyro etc. I basically go back to the stock setup with century rate gyro and 370 motor. The only thing I changed was the tail motor with the new edp100 direct drive with pink propeller and I built a small platform in front of the main motor to place the receiver so it balances since the tail motor is heavier (18 grams). Also it has the collar and swashball mods.
After few adjustments it now flies very well. I think the high authority on the tail makes all the difference. It's like a new heli all together. Previously my flight times was only around 15 seconds and now 1 minutes is no problem. I can see that my hover time will improve significantly from now.
I've gone through so much hassle trying to get it to hover with some stability. I don't even think that it was necessary for me to buy a HH gyro for it now. The only thing I notice is that at the beginning of the flight the tail have more left kick and toward the end I have to input more right stick.
Maybe HH gyro will fix this so it stay constant with more solid tail. We'll see since I don't know what to expect from dragonfly/HB.
I bought all my Dragonfly gears from Singapore Hobby.

Anyway After few battery pack I crashed the heli and broke the rotor head. I actually has a spare but when I opened the packaging and trying to install it I found that it's different. It has smaller ball link and shorter distance between the links.

Sorry for a along thread.

Ingmar, where did you get the gws 150h motor from?
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