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Originally Posted by jetstreaming

- however, contradicting info people have posted here, where its best close to the ground!
You are correct,

It is better to have your patch higher up, and close to the ground Like was said before, having your antenna higher up gives you better reception as a general rule, but patch antennas benefit from having a ground plane next to them, especially at the lower frequencies ( 900 MHZ !! ). So if you mount a patch on a big tower, it has a nice ground plane behind it, if you mout it on a pole, you do not... I got my best performance and longest range from my 900 MHZ patch by setting it RIGHT ON THE GROUND Get the patch high enough like 20 feet, and it would probably be better than on the ground... On the Car is better also, it gives a the patch aground plane and lets it be 5 feet high or so.. But a patch on a tripod seems to be a real low performance height for them, they dont have a ground plane, but are not high enough to make it worthwile loosing the ground plane...

This is why I have stopped using patches completely , and am now using Yagi Antennas. I can have them on my Tripod and they do not need a big ground plane to work well

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