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Originally Posted by Martin Y
Pick your type of cable and run it here. As you think you know better.
That is the table I was talking about, Times Microwave cable is the best you can get that is practical for FPV uses. Remember , some of the very low loss cables in that chart are very large hard line, like pipe, so many are unusable for our purposes. There are many very hard to deal with, and very large pipe like coax listed in that chart, make sure you know what you are buying ! LMR 100 is the best small cable, and LMR 240 ultraflex is about as large a cable that is practical for our ground stations.

Then dont forget to add in the connector losses, assuming someone used the best connectors and did a perfect job of solding them to the line By the time you get to 2.4 GHZ, any type of extensions are just a bad idea and wont work well.

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