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Originally Posted by adbradley
What are you printing on, and what are you using to do it?
I tried several products from a company called Papillio in Texas.
The one that seems to work best for me is called Canvas Transfer which uses a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows you to apply a thin film to Depron or as the name implies even canvas.
I use an inexpensive Epson printer, Stylus CX 4700, to print my drawing on and then I spray it with the adhesive and then I uses some boards and weights to press it onto the Depron. After that you peel off the backing, hopefully you get a nice transfer. It works almost all the time. I've had ink that dissolved the film. There is drying time of at least a half hour between printing and spraying, spraying and pressing, and another half hour between pressing and peeling off the backing. I usually do two 8-1/2 x 11 sheets at a time.
The advantage of doing this over screen printing is the accuracy and simplicity . In order to approach the color range that you can get with Canvas Transfer using screen printing, you would need to use a 4 dye sublimation method which isn't practical for a modeler to do in his workshop.
It isn't inexpensive. Each sheet costs me over $2 to produce (transfer sheet and ink) . The 30X uses 4 sheets. The Stealth uses 8.
I hope to use this material in combination with one Papillio's decal sheets to build a scale plane. The drawing is in the works.
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