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Like I said at the very start, please don't flame me. ;)

Originally Posted by Phil Barnes
I would also like to help Tom Kiesling emphasize that two very different things are being discussed in this thread and that quite a few guys are posting as if they don't know the difference.
Well in my defense I certianly know the difference. Every time I posted anything I tried to emphathise that A) I have no authority to do anything and B) this is my personal take on things from doing a little data mining and some analysis and C) I tried to start by simply trying to figure out who would have qualified to attend a team selection event, were there to be one. The first thing I posted in this thread was a simple list of who I belive would have qualified to attend the selection. I posted that here: on Friday at noon.

Originally Posted by Phil Barnes

1) The US team selection process. This is explained at the F3K.US site. Details on this page. The process is very simple: You need to do well enough at a single two-day contest or two one-day contests during the season to qualify to attend the single team selection contest.
Exactly. I tried to explain that a few times too but I think you explained it in a better fashion. And I simply attempted to find out who would be on that theoretical list (mostly to get an idea for how many pilots that might be). It could well be that there are a few additional people to be put on that theoretical list if there were other events that should be included. I'm hoping to find out more on that.

Originally Posted by Phil Barnes
2) The second issue being discussed is Ryan's own personal ranking system which is non offical and has nothing to do with team selection or team selection qualifying or anything beyond Ryan's or your own personal amusement.
Yes, the ranking I put together is just for my personal amusement. But that said I find it strange that there were only 70 posts in this thread until last Friday. If you check out page 4 of this thread (an important enough thread to be stickied in this forum) you will see several times over the summer I tried bumping it to build interest or get folks talking about this. Then I posted the list of folks I think qualified for the theoretical TS (unranked, ordered alphabetically) on Friday and some folks started talking. But really, not much talking came from that posting. So then yesterday afternoon I decided to post the Ryan ranking system. As I was posting it I had some pretty seriuos reservations. I really did not want to offend anyone but I think it is important to talk about the F3K team selection process now rather than later. I tried to explain in that post several times the Ryan Ranking System is in no way official or approved by anyone. And now I'm getting emails and PMs mostly with kudos and some curious about the system I developed for my personal amusement. Any kind of press is good press? I don't know about that but at least people are now talking and thinking about this thing and I think that is pretty important.

Originally Posted by Phil Barnes
I would choose very different priorities if I were to set up a ranking system that would hope to live up to the term "ranking system".
I encourage you to put together a system. It is a lot of fun. I ran the Ryan system quite a few different ways and from the 5 or 6 different ways I looked at it the top 5 were always the same 5 guys (and by a pretty good margin) although the order shuffled some.

Apparently a lot of people think a ranking system is at least not a bad idea, based on the survey here:

The question was "Do pilots want a ranking system in 2009?" and over 2/3 agreed.

This is the last that I'll be discussing my ranking system within this thread. I'm really much more interested in discussing ways to make the team selection in 2010 be inclusive, fair, fun, educational, and good for the hobby/community.

Originally Posted by shhhhh!
I have tried without any success to get the 2009 Arizona Open on the Calendar.
Dave I'm going to try to talk to the admins of the site about your contest. Blue Skies over Colorado was also brought to my attention as a contest that was attempted to be listed.

While we are pointing out discliamers I want to remind people that my understanding is 2009 contests won't be incuded in the team selection process. And for that matter, I don't think any of us know if the process outlined on will be the final selection process (if you look at the site it reads that this process is just a proposal and will require final approval from the team selection comitte). The sole purpose of having contests register in 2009 is to get an idea of how many people would qualify for attending a team selection had there been one in 2009 (which as you all know there was not) and to do a "dry run". That is really the only reason I posted the data I compiled in the first place. To try to give folks an idea how things could work in 2010. And to get people excited and talking about the US F3K team. This is only going to be brand new once. We should take full advantage of the excitement that is going to come from this and leverage it to enhance the hand launch community.

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