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Originally Posted by DaveL322

2 servos will likely help. Changing to a different type of servo will also likely help.

The oscillation is generally caused by two things -
1. the natural frequency of the servo matches up to a resonance in the control surface (or surfaces for ailerons)
2. the pot on the servo is getting worn, and it is "hunting" trying to stay perfectly centered.

A combination of 1 and 2 can lead to pretty nasty oscillations.

Even a brand new servo can have an oscillation issue if it happens to be in resonance with the control surface.

What helps -
- more expensive servos (in most cases, try a JR 185 or 188)
- lighter control surfaces (this has a big effect on the DSP60s)
- no slop/flex in linkages


Dave Lockhart
Team Horizon/JR/Spektrum
Okay Dave,
I ran the DSP60 servo's with the AR6300 receiver on the Osiris and did not seem to have a problem. I like them because they are light weight and digital. From what you have posted you are saying that I should use the JR 185 or 188, is that correct. If so will the JR's plug into the AR6300

Thanks for the input
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