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I would also like to help Tom Kiesling emphasize that two very different things are being discussed in this thread and that quite a few guys are posting as if they don't know the difference. This is going to cause a HUGE amount of confusion that may take a long time to sort out.

I would suggest splitting off the ranking discusion to its own thread.

The two issues being discussed are:

1) The US team selection process. This is explained at the F3K.US site. Details on this page. The process is very simple: You need to do well enough at a single two-day contest or two one-day contests during the season to qualify to attend the single team selection contest. You can enter as many qualifying contests as you want until you do well enough to qualify for the team selection contest.

2) The second issue being discussed is Ryan's own personal ranking system which is non offical and has nothing to do with team selection or team selection qualifying or anything beyond Ryan's or your own personal amusement.

In my opinion, there is no nationwide ranking system that will accurately depict much of anything with any precision at all. Ryan's ranking system gives a general idea of how well some pilots perform to Ryan's chosen priorities but that is all. I would choose very different priorities if I were to set up a ranking system that would hope to live up to the term "ranking system".

If any ranking system were to be discussed (hopefully in its own therad, not this thread) as a possibly more official thing then I would offer some more opinion on what I would think might make a better system.
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