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Great point.

I actually really like the way you are ranking pilots. Again, not to say that #1 is better than #4, but that the top 40 deserve an invite to the TS comp.

I also like the way it weights the contests. It is way harder to win a big one than it is to win a small one. In fact, it is harder to place top 5 at the IHLGF or The Polecat... than it is to win a smaller event.

I also like the fact that you have to get out and participate to get to the team selections. Paul Anderson is obviously worthy of being considered for the team selections, and so would be AJ McGowen, but they have to get out and play if they want an invite.

I also like the fact that it makes the small contest step up their game if they want to be considered. Looking at the Norcal group is a good example. They have a great group developing there. Bob, Kai, Greg, AJ.... all deserve a shot. They got it at the IHLGF and the Socal Cup (2 day not in the scores currently) but did not perform well enough to get points here. So in order to get some points from their local comps, they will have to submit it to the site, as well as AMA sanction. I hope it motivates these local comps like the Norcal series and the Socal Eldo and TPG series (just announced for 2010) to run enough rounds, use F3K rules, and AMA sanction to step up. I think it will also step up participation at the events that jump though the hoops by top competitors looking for more points. I know I will be making an extra effort to get to the contests that count next year.

So in summary, something like this should do the US F3K scene a lot of good. It should promote more small events that are full F3K comps. It should get more competitors to go to those events. It should also get more competitors to travel across the county to the larger events. A top 3 at any of the 50+ pilot events looks like it will ensure an invitation to the TS contest. So a ranking system like this should accomplish the goals of promoting F3K in the US.

Great Data!!
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