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If your getting buzz, there may be one or more of a few contributing factors. Could be that its overloading the servo, but also could be that the hinges are a bit stiff and the servo's binding. If your servos are up for it, go the extended arms. Not only will you get better throw, the arm will need to move less which means it gets there quicker. The risk is the servo may not be up for the job, and you may get blowback in say, the bottom of a KE loop, which is no good 'tall. You could also keep it the way it is and make up some SFG. That should be an all round improvement to the plane.
Nope, no binding that I am aware of, and it is in both directions....usually surfaces don't bind in both directions at exactly the same point (not to say it can't happen) Also...the surfaces are quite heavily beveled...And...I believe the servos are up to the task, as I went for stronger than called for.

I believe the idea is to match the distance between the control horn holes and the servo arm holes. If you have one bigger than the other you will get binding and buzzing. Then increase the EPA to get the throw you want.
They are pretty well matched as to distance...but I will check them again later today....

Thanks Gents..

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