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Carnivore FPV - Scratchbulid FPV sport flyer

After just one flight FPV with a high altitude glider, I'm totally addicted to FPV flying. I decided to make another FPV airplane. This one will be more of a sport flyer. I also have a flying wing started, but I figure I better get the bugs worked out before I try that one.

I have made over a hundred different airplanes, so the airplane part is easy. It's going to be getting the camera set correctly that's going to be a pain.

The first thing I did was cut a wing. I used a USA 49 airfoil. It is mostly a high speed airfoil, but it has fair lifting capabilities. I cut the wing out of blue styrofoam with a home made hot bow. Central chord is 9.25". Tip chord is 7.5". Wingspan is 47".

I then glued the wing cores together with Gorilla glue. Once dry I mixed up 60cc of West system epoxy and covered the top wing with 2 oz fiberglass. Once dry, I'll flip it over and cover the bottom.
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