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Originally Posted by MorrisM
I ran to my corner CVS and picked up one of these.
I just did a quick test.

It works, but goes to blue screen when I unplug the video(of course.) But, it does recover instantly on return of signal. The only other thing I didn't like was viewing angle. The brightness goes down alot if your not directly in front of it.

Instead of unplugging the video... try hooking your Vid Rx to the monitor and turn on your Vid Tx and camera system.

Then leave the Rx hooked up and powered and just turn off the Vid Tx.

See what happens.

I have a cheap China monitor that goes blue screen if I unplug the vid cable to it, but if I have the whole show running and just turn off the vid tx it does not go blue screen, just shows static/snow.
And the picture comes back instantly when vid Tx is powered up again.
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