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Originally Posted by davereap
Thats a goodn steve... from its powered down flight the glide or low power flight is very flat so the COG is right back as far as it can be... take the COG forward maybe up to 1/2" so its just a bit nose heavy, that will make the elevators less sensitive and the plane will be easier in the wind.. with not much sweep the cog becomes more critical...but its going well, and was almost spot on for a maiden flight

nice one .... dave

if you decide to mod it..what about a cat layout..twin booms
I'm thinking Canard with elevon and forward elevator mix. I figured out the Mix settings on 2.4G HK radio with help from John on the 2.4GHz system thread and there are some interesting combinations that could be done.

I've adjusted the setting for the dual rate so I have 100% aileron control and 50% elevator for second DR function. I will take your advice and move the CG forward a bit too. One step at a time to see what does what. I think I'll do a second build when I add the canard or maybe twin booms but I tried twin booms with an A tail a while back and didn't like it much. The twin booms seem to add a lot of weight and the A tail doesn't seem as stable as a more conventional design. Worth thinking about though. The next one will probably be a KFm4 instead of the KFm2

Going to Tagbilaran tomorrow to get some FG packaging tape. I ran out today. We have more tropical depressions stirring things up to the east of us and so not sure what the WX will do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for still mornings...

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