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Originally Posted by jj604
Hi Jetblack.

I have no experience of as supply like this I'm afraid. It supplies a much higher voltage and I don't know what the logic connector does.

For what it's worth, here was my reasoning about the small "logic" connector (which you might be able to adapt):

The max voltage from any pin was going to be 12V (probably 5 or 3.3). YOURS MAY NOT BE. The current required was small since these are logic circuits. This was AFTER I had figured out some of the "logic" pins were actually supply pins but even if I hadn't no harm would have come.

Max 12V, need to supply only a mA or less so I used a 10k resistor on the grounds that the maximum current even for a dead short would be 1.2 mA which wasn't going to be a problem. Wattage is irrelevant since the max power for a 10k resistor for my supply would be 12V*0.0012A = 0.015W.

I removed the connectors from a servo lead to give three slip on connectors and connected the resistors between the other ends.

Your entirely on your own here. You will be dealing with potentially dangerous voltages. If I recall, 42V DC is regarded as the safe limit for low voltage and 100V DC is definitely dangerous. I've read 75V can create a current that can kill you under the right circumstances of skin resistance and current path. I believe 100mA through certain parts of the body can be fatal. I am not an electrician or electrical engineer and have no experience of a supply like this and personally wouldn't be trying to modify it.

Regards, John
Hi John,

After reading your thread once more, I decided to try out using your way, took a JR plug twist the 3 wire together and plug it in with one of the short pin, .......guess what......51.2V on DVM and green LED stay, praise the Lord! Its in ON MODE!

Thanks for this thread without it, this will never happen. Thanks again

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