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Hope This Works

Hi everybody.

New addition to the GWS P40 club.
A little back ground about myself 1st , so what follows can be taken with a grain of salt.
I started out with an GWS ESTARTER 400, and after a few attempts, managed to completely destroy it, could have been made of unubtainium, and I would still finished it..
Went back to FMS, and in between, took everything out of the remains of the ESTARTER, and put in a 25/30 year old MIDWEST PRODUCTS CESSNA CARDINAL foam ARF, that was never completed.
I “learned to fly” with that plane.

On to the P40.
Started with the stock BL2215, flew ok, scale I guess, but didn’t have enough reserve power, which I needed as this was my 1st low wing plane, and hand launching.
Had a tip stall while learning to land, and broke the motor mount and the “stick” now had 30 degrees up thrust.
Should have bought one with the bigger motor
Bought a SUPER TIGRE 10, and made a new mount from a block of balsa and a piece of .062” thick aluminium.
This probably sounds weird, but I glued the aluminium to the balsa block with SUMO GLUE. I tested this before hand, the glue always won.
Drilled and tapped holes in the plate for 4-40 bolts.
I don’t think it’s a bad trade off, since the “stick” weighed .3 oz/10grms, and the block and plate weighs .5oz/15grms, and a plus, its warm when I checked it after a flight.
The motor weighs .1 oz/3grms more than the BL2215, but will just about fly out of my hand, and go straight up for ever, $27.99 CDN.
For the spinner, I used two 10/32 nylon bolts, kind of big, that screw into an aluminium disc as seen in the pics. I glued pieces of plastic straw and a home made plastic washers in the spinner for the bolts. The spinner, plate and bolts weigh .4oz/12grms. If I was to do it again, I would use something thicker than drinking strays, and then also eliminate the 2 washers.
I like the idea of foam for a big spinner and a plane of this weight, just needed a little improvement.
I beefed up the cowl, and added a cooling duct for the motor, probably get a few laughs, but I’m quite sure the motor is getting good air flow.
Also to help with air flow, I added additional exit area were I think the scale bird probably had one, see pic.
Put a small piece of black foam weather striping in the battery cover latch so it goes CLACK instead of clic.
The plane with a TP 1320, pin hinges, landing gear mounts but no gear, GWS 1060 2 blade, one coat of MIN WAX on top and 2 coats on the bottom, weighs 23.6 oz/670 grms . GWS glue for foam to foam, and SUMO for all other combinations.
Will go really fast when I want, make BIG loops at 2/3 throttle, but will just sort of float down to land with out power.

Went together without a problem, good hardware package, and although I have nothing to compare, I can’t imagine much better in this category, GREAT airplane!
Maybe a SE5A of the same construction, for a change of pace, would be nice

Hope I didn’t get too long winded here.

Thanks, RUD.
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