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Originally Posted by davereap
Good luck with that one steve..

I have read more comments which echoed my findings with KF steps on DLG flying wings.
What I found is that they lack penetration and fly/sink slowly but going nowhere..
Making them heavier actualy aids the glide
Ive been thinking on trying much thinner KF wings with slight undercamber. Profiling the LE and tapering the TE. having the gear enclosed using pod and boom with rudder and elevator only
The best glider wings ive used were from an amigo and these were thin with the profile I described

any thoughts.. or has anyone tried this
I hope to try out the new Bird today but depends on the weather. It's not quite daylight yet and I'm up early.

RE: KF gliders. Angel wanted the front wing from the canard that I'm not going to use. I decided to make her a KFm2 hand-chuck glider. Funny that you mention the KF glider wings. It will be small and pretty light. If of any interest I'll let you know how it goes.


Edit: 10/16/09 13:08
Vesper Maiden (3 min 5 sec)

It flies but not easy to handle and not very predictable. I think it needs sweep or a tail or an extended nose with a canard. I'll wait till there is no wind and try again. Also I have some adjustments in the control throw ratios to try. I like the look
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