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M60 frontside music video #2: Below the horizon

This is really video #3.
First one was mild DSing..
Second one was big open sky filling moves with a lot of vertical elements.

If that one was vertical, then this one can best be described as horizontal. Lots of flitting about the sky a little above and a lot below the horizon doing pylon turns and such.

It's a bit longer.. 5:20, 32 megs (figure 2 hours on dialup to download.. or 3-4 minutes on broadband.. ) (Requires DiVX Codec)

Other than 3 clips in the middle where I was flying, (you'll see they're at a lower frame rate and brighter colors, shot with Jeff's digital still) the rest of this was all me filming, and Jeff flying my M60 ballasted, and near the end flying his own unballasted.

BTW there's something really cool at about 2:05.
A few seconds after that you'll also see some super accelleration while turning a flat 360 on the frontside. DS kind of accelleration. Not sure why yet, but I figure it's from flying through wind shadows from the ledges below the lip or something. Need to explore it more.

Enjoy. Lemme know what you think.

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