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Originally posted by Herb
I was thinking about 650 Watts per motor. That's about 1300 Watts total. For each motor about 14 V x 46 A = ca. 650 Watts peak.

5 minute flights should be plenty, as I said I don't know anybody that would want to fly the Rafale for more than 5 minutes or so anyhow .
Hi Herb,

I can tell you that you will find your own mental limit flying a fast jet for 8 to 10 minutes, depending on your mental conditions.

On saturday at Aspach I was able to do a 10 minutes show flight as I was in good mental conditions.
On sunday afternoon I was mental not so strong, so I decided to land after 8 minutes! The landing was not so perfect as the landing on saturday as I had problems with concentration.

5 to 6 minutes flying with a lot of power is plenty enough.


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