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Jacko did a google sketch up and ran the numbers.

AUW is looking to be 1.8 kg (63 oz)

Following is re-posted from Jacko

"662 Sqaure inches taking into account the motor cut out and the elevons

So if ya take the AUW too be 1.8kg... and then convert all the numbers around ya end up with -

13.8 Oz/sq.ft

Rough guide to suggested wingloadings -

10 oz/sq.ft Glider
15 oz/sq.ft Trainers
20 oz/sq.ft Sport Plane
25 oz/sq.ft Fighters"

The above numbers are with 500 grams of batt on board.

I can add 100 grams of nose weight and loose 300 grams of battery/motor(slightly smaller motor)
bringing the AUW to 1.6 kg (56 oz) and loading drops to 12.2 Oz/sq.ft

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