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Silly question, can wind affect RF video signals

So I have a wireless camera setup as security device.

First a little background/setup info....


Camera. KX191
Vid Rx and 200mw.Tx. 2.4ghz cheap HK units, both from this package.
Tx antenna. the one that came with the package.
Tx and camera powered by a wall wart.
The Rx is in the basement of my house with a 7dbi wifi antenna.
Small cheap B/W TV as a monitor.

The camera and video transmitter are mounted solidly inside my heated garage with the camera looking through the window at the back door of my house.

I have had this system operating continuously for over a year.
Normally I get a very good signal, rock solid clear picture.

Ok here's the question.

How does the wind affect the RF video signal?

Lately we have had some very high wind days. 3 days in a row of winds to a max of 90kph.

When it is windy outside the picture tears and rolls like it is getting interference from somewhere.
If I reposition the Rx antenna abit I can get the picture to clear up, and then a few minutes later it is back to tearing/rolling again?

The Tx antenna can't be moving, remember it is inside the garage.
Temperature is not an issue, the garage is heated.
The Tx and camera are solidly mounted.

I'm baffled, how can the wind possibly affect the signal?

This always happens on high wind days.... 30kph or more...

Sorry, no video of the interference. I don't record the video from the camera.
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