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Let me tell you how I have felt over the last 15 years trying to fly helicopters.

Started off with a nexus 30. Spent several hundred hours on the dos wire frame sim, spent at least a half hour every day hovering it in my back yard. After about 1 1/2 months I decided it was time to play with it in a bigger area. Took 2 friends with me (bad idea) and went to a baseball field. Hovering was easy, at least tail in, as that was all I had learned so far. One of the friends I guess was bored and asked if I was actually going to fly the thing. So, I did. My first forward flight. Trying to take it around in circles and to my surprise, was doing ok. Long story short, got it to high, white heli, white clouds, lost visability of heli and down it came. Spent roughly $1300 to get all this started.

Next day, bought a replacement, built it, never flew it. Still sits ontop of my bed today lol.

Went from that to airplanes several years later. Learned to fly on a pico tiger moth. Great investment and absolutely recommend that little plane for anyone first starting out. Built a dandy sport (balsa), flew it for an hour or so before it crashed. Due to my build faults, not my flying faults.

Quit flying for a few years, then decided on heli again. I got a couple of the toy ($50 or less) things but never liked them. Went for a falcon 40 ($90) and hovered it around. Had a tip over on take off once and had to replace several parts. Never learned how to do anything but tail in hover.

Bought a Coaxial ADAC which looked great but you couldn't even hold a steady hover. $100 bucks down the drain as 10-15 hovers in, the 5-1 fried. No help from the place I bought it.

See a theme here? After my initial phase 15+ years ago, I refused to spend a lot of money on heli's because of my bad experiences with them. Was it me or was it that I bought crappy products? I am going to go with crappy products as I finally took a chance and bought the MSR the day it came out (well, had to wait for it to be shipped to me). Bind and fly version $150 bucks, dx6i radio, $150 bucks. This was simply put, the best investment I have ever made in a helicopter.

I have 65 flights on mine now. I can nose in hover with no problems, I can side in hover, I can do forward flight, I can do backward flight but really dont like that. I am also on the expert setting now and have been for 20+ flights.

Now, dont get me wrong, I am no where near an expert in flying this heli, but I have made more advancement with a good quality product than I ever had with those cheap things. I have also had more than 20 crashes with this thing and you can pick it up and take it right off again.

Now, the reason I saying all this is that I feel that while I do have RC flight experience under my belt, I always felt that paying more than $100 for an rc heli was just crazy. Why would you do that when a little crash and your spending 25 bucks or more in parts to fix it. I feel that is probably what the average person also thinks. The difference is, I must be a sadistic bastard because I kept coming back for more. I dont think the average person would keep buying those cheap things and just give up on even trying.

I hate to say it, but unless you can get that trainer down into the sub $150 range, it is going to be hard to compete against these companies that make these crap sub $100 helis. While the MSR is $180, I was very scared to pay that for a 1 ounce helicopter but I have to say it was worth it, but I feel that price still turns off many who could become a rc pilot.

My only major gripe I have with the MSR is that you really need calm conditions to fly it outside and I REALLY enjoy flying it outside much more than I do in the house. But I can't really blame the company for it, I mean, it is only an ounce! Anyways, enough jabbering, I hope that I have been able to impart some things to think about with something like this, coming from what I consider, an average joe.
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