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Argh ! - doh !, thats what I have done, finished glassing top and bottom, and now about to try and sort prop slot, and I read your post ! heh oh well better late than never.

Definately curves on a bare EPP, that foam tears easily around there when you hit the deck and the weight of the wings trys to rip them off (momentum)

That area is going to look like poo, as it also has a recess for the motor shaft.

Going to load it up with a bit of extra 90, the weave gets realy pliable and see what I can do

Update 1 1/3 can 3m90 does a zephyr, did 4 thickneses of weave on the bottom front around battery area, did double thickness on spar line forward on the top.

Originally Posted by Atom1025
Hey Matt, I love the idea of the rounded Prop slot but I found it troublesome to cover and decided I would prolly not do it again. I think if I were to do it again I would glass the inside face of the prop cut out first and then overlap on that. Guess thats obvious but easily overlooked when you got a routine......

I made a bunch of relief cuts my self and that resulted in flat spots between cut, if you can visualize that?

I love it for bare foam though, no stress risers.
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