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Put a bigger motor on it!
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R.I.P. Twin Otter

There was a spectacular mid-air collision at the field this morning, unfortunately I was part of it.

I was flying the upwind leg of the pattern after several touch and goes when suddenly a little EDF jet came screaming downwind. The jet cut right thru my left wingtip like butter. The Otter immediately began to roll hard to the left. I quickly acted by applying full right aileron, noticed no difference so I added full right rudder, and when I still noticed no difference I cut the throttle and just watched the scene unfold.

The Otter was in a rolling dive straight towards the pit area where several expensive gliders were sitting next to each other on the ground. Several people yelled "watch out!", one guy looked up just in time to see an Otter coming right at him and he jumped out of the way. The Otter smashed into the ground and created quite a nice debris field. Somehow, it didn't smash directly into any of the gliders, but something did hit a leading edge of one of the gliders and caused minor damage. Both the EDF jet and the Otter were total losses, as they were both balsa models. The EDF jet ended up in an empty spot on the other end of the field. The left wingtip was still in tact with damage only near the inboard end of it where the EDF cut thru. It was about 6 inches in span.

Several servos were stripped, and all the rest of the electronics look okay visually. The LiPo was beat up a bit, but is still holding its charge with the cells in balance.

Another one bites the dust...
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