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Build Log
Slowpoke- A Little Larger

Hi Guys:

Ok, I admit it I love Slowpokes !

I have been building and flying Slowpokes for years. I still have my first one, a Sport 40. I have been flying this 'Poke for almost 10 years. I fly it every week during the season, about 8 good months here in Wisconsin. It is powered with the original engine which was new for the project, a OS .52 4-stroke. She is covered with 21st Century Coverite Fabric, great stuff. Originally flown with Futaba 8UAP-PCM, has since been converted to JR 9303 2.4Ghz. I also have built the little Slowpoke 15, I added ailerons to all three of them. One nose plant and two were sold. Attached are a few pictures of my 'Pokes.

I wanted to post this Build Log for other Slowpoke guys. This 'Poke will be a little diferrent, a little larger.

I started with a stock GP Sport 40 kit. This project is no where near as ambitious as "crazychristian"s 10'-3"' 100 twin, it is more along the specs of "valleyforest"s enlarged version. Both of these projects are outstanding. Unfortunately "crazychristian"s met with early demise when he had a structural failure in aft fuselage. I beleive he is going to build another one, I hope so I would love to see it fly. The effort by "valleyforest" is a little larger with a .61 ASP 4-stroke. A truly beautiful job and he says flight is very good.
If you haven't seen these two go to "cc"s build and take a look. I contacted "valleyforest" in Sweden to ask a few questions about his project and he was really helpful. His comments confirmed in my mind that I was going in th right direction for my project.

My project will be simply a change to some of the basic dimensions and minor configuration changes.

A: Increase fuselage nose moment by 1.0"
B: Increase tail moment by 2.625"
C: Increase outter wing panels 5.0" each
D: Relocate landing gear to the fuselage just in front of the wing saddle. I
will use Aluminum Dural. Slowpokes love to nose over !
E: Add nose upper and lower cowl cheeks to blunt the sharp nose of the
original design. You can see this result in my Sport 40 pictures on the
flight bench.

These changes will result in wing of 71.5" and area of approximately 1250 sq in. Modest changes but they are really a test bed for a 140% 'Poke. I had originally planned to increase the wing panels by 4.0" and the center section by 2.0" but there was really no need to change the center so I added another 1.0" (total 5.00" s) to each wing instead.

Power will be a YS 91 Supercharged 4-stroke. I added a .250" 5-ply birch firewall 1.0" foreward of it's stock position. I added .125" lite ply external doublers to the nose with pinning for the firewall. The YS is shoehorned in but I didn't want to change the basic look of the 'Poke too much.

I will post more pictures and comentary as I progress.

Thanks for looking and I welcome comments.

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