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Steve... have a read on the Goolie thread
Mixing is done at the radio using rudder / throtle mixing.
Some wild manouvers are possible and it will also knife edge on the differential..
Finless..I dont know, I am still woried about using two motors

Will it be worth it, I think so, it should certainly be interesting. With two motors and 26+oz thrust I expect it will go up fairly well.

DZ1. ...Ken
please view this thread
It shows the whole of the testing that was carried out.
For yourself try replacing any conventional wing...use a KFm4 to replace a symetrical profile or a KFm2 for a more lifting section like clark Y..
You will be pleased..Also check out the building time, I used to make conventional built up balsa wings, that takes a while, doesnt it, A simple KFm wing can be finished whilst you are still pinning the balsa one together..A straight chord wing can be cut, glued and covered in a hour.. easy
For general flying the KFm sections are hard to better, however I dont believe they can replace everything, I havnt yet seen a high performance glider wing being replaced... or an ultra fast racer...note a KFm2 has exceeded 100mph and thats fast enough for me
Saying that however the KF wings will beat most everything for anti stall and range of speed in flight..
The best example is the Zagnutz vs the Zagi.. I have both, both will fly fast, but the zagi will stall at a not too slow speed whist the Zagnutz keeps flying, untill it stops, then it still doesnt stall but it parachutes down, perfectly controlable.. all down to the KF steps..
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