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Training Helicopter- wish list

A lot of people who want to fly a helicopter go to the hobbyshop and buy one because it looks neat and will do 3D- it must be good right?-- Wrong.
The first heli should be Tough as nails and fly really stable. so the beginner can build up a lot of hours flying instead of fixing.

I started this thread as a sounding board to come up with a bullet proof training helicopter that could be crashed, and flown within 30 min.

1. Weak points in a crash - main shaft, feathering shaft, flybar mechanism.

How about a flybarless head swinging 325mm FRP blades(now $3.50 each at Hobbypartz) with a 5MM main shaft(short as possible) and a 4MM feathering shaft. the weak part would be the blades that would snap off and could be easily replaced.
Heavy duty blade grips with big bearings that wont get "notchy" Plastic parts to keep weight / cost down.

2.Frame- aluminum(softer Alloy). it can be bent back into shape after a crash.
made with large servo cutouts to accept mid or full size servos with metal gears (flybarless head is rough on servos)

3. Tail boom / pick off. Absolutely a belt drive- much more user friendly. The whole assy is self contained like a E-smart or T-rex 600 can be quickly replace in its entirety. Thick tail rotor shaft too.

4. 600 size landing gear for those quick dumps and tip over prevention.

5. Polypropylene canopy that can take a licking. GF canopies look neat, but they crack if you put them on roughly.

6. 6S 1300 batteries for more efficient operation and longer flight times.

7. Standard radio gear 2.4ghz, (HH gyro Flybarless gyro in one). Easily reprogrammed to do sport flying after training

8. High resale value- so the beginner can pass it on when he graduates to a higher performance machine. Maybe clubs could have them . The beginner could "rent" them from the club while learning.

Please chime in. I would like the manufacturers to see this.
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