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SCREEEEECH!!!! Stopped! Reason below.

There is absolutely no fuelproofing done on this plane. No biggie right? Well it's set up for a 2 stroke with the muffler in the cowl so it has a hole in the firewall that the muffler goes in and dumps out on the bottom of the fuse in front of the wing. I made a balsa plate to block this hole off. With the retractable nose gear on this plane, of course there is a "bay" that it retracts into. This bay is also where the muffler ends up so I cant seal it off. Now the bad news. At the back of this bay, the fuel tank hangs out into the interior of the plane and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to seal it off without adding a ton of weight!

My quick fix was to mix up a lot of epoxy thinned with alky and microballoons and start painting! I know it'll get fuel residue in there but, that's all I can see to do to it at this point. Time will tell how well it stands up to it.

Nose gear is on but, the axles that came with the H-9 retracts are too small to fit the strut! I got replacements. I could have drilled them but, I don't trust myself without a drill press.

Time check... 2hours. Total time so far... 7 hours. Still happy but concerned.

OK the Screech part. The Funtana I ordered just as Horizon ran out 2 months ago arrived today! My wife has allowed me to put the T-34 on hold for a bit so I'll give the Mentor a break for a week or so. But, in the words of a certain Californian running for Governor,,, "I'll be back!"

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