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Originally Posted by davereap
Interesting you said you wouldnt stick a step at 20% or 80%. I was thinking of trying one at 28% to somewhat mimick the flat bottom clark Y. Has it been done?

The glide tests to determine the best position for the KFm2 were made with steps at various locations and the best result found was at 50%
Going back a long way this video was posted.
Your tests are pretty conclusive and add more insight to the KFm2 performance envelope.

I am using a 50% KFm2 for both wings on my new canard, The Pangangan Island Goose. (PIG) I hope the elevator isn't too close to the step on the front wing. We'll try it and see. When the main wing is finished, sans color, I'll add about 5" to the fuse length. Probably go with some kind of skids instead of LG. Problem is keeping the fuselage light while making it strong. BP21 and 8x4 or 8x6 prop on 3s to power it. WOT around 200 watts. Hope to fly it mostly under 1/2 throttle. We'll see...

This should be interesting.
KF wings rule!

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