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Motor modification.

There is a false rumor that the bearings get damaged with this modification. The bearings are not attached to the shaft but only guide it. This can be proven by removing the E-clip on the back of the motor and pulling the bell and shaft out of the bearings. Look at the pictures below.

Our new motor mount will fit either of the motors without modification.

We are getting requests for information on motors that have more power. Here are two different motors we have used. The first is a more durable and slightly more powerful motor. The second will make the Titan go ballistic and pull close to 30A.

The shaft comes out the back of the motor and I want to bring it out the front with a prop saver for quick change. On a puller prop the O ring may not be strong enough to hold but on a pusher it works well.

I removed the e-clip from the back and moved it to the grove at the end of the shaft. You can see this grove in the picture of the motor from HK.

I then loosened the set screw with an Allen wrench on the top of the bell as shown in the picture below and gently, with many small taps, tapped the shaft clear through and out the bell till the e-clip touched the bearing.

One of the flyers has used the drill press to push the shaft through the bell rather than tapping with a hammer. We also were brainstorming that you could also use a C-Clamp or vice to push it through the bell of the motor to the right depth but you will need to drill a hole in a piece of wood for the shaft to be pushed into.

I then tightened the set screw and slightly enlarged the holes in the stainless steel motor mount, and used 3mm screws to screw the motor to the base. The new motor mount that we use has a slot so that it doesn't have to be modified.

I left the motor mount and prop assembly that comes with the motor off the motor.

If you use the bigger motor you will need a a higher rated speed control and a battery capable of providing more amps.


The popularity of supercharging the Titan with the bigger motor to get unlimited vertical performance has caused us to redesign the spar system to handle the thrust and G-force.

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