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I Can Fly An FP Inverted!
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I have not flown the PL yet, but my GT is up and flying, and has been since sunday. This review is broken down into the first five flights and a conclusion:

First Flight:
Very nervously spooled up, constantly conscious about my use of loctite and If I had screwed in the feathering bolts tight enough etc. spooled up to what I thought was an acceptable headspeed, it refused to budge till about 3/4 stick - not right, both sticks were very unresponsive, I spooled down and upped the swash mix 10%. second takeoff was a little better, tried a small punchout, the heli didnt do anything for a while, then suddenly shot up - feels like sticky collective to me, not enough lube or too weak servos. I quickly set it down so I didnt lose control and crash it.

Afterthoughts & adjustments: ordered new servos, lubed head, checked for binding and stiffness.

Second Flight:
This one took place in my back garden, I wanted to test to see if the lube had made any difference, and I wanted to get my curves and tail sorted out. I spooled up and again it needed more pitch than I thought it should do to get off the ground and the punchouts were odd too (nearly hit a tree). I did a few slow piros and side in hovers to try and get a feel for the heli, then i got carried away and ended up spending the rest of the battery pack doing piro hovers

Afterthoughts & adjustments: ''daaaaaaaamn this heli is stable, tail seems to hold nicely though I should really set it up next pack''

Third Flight:
For this one, I took the heli round to a small green just round the corner from me (maybe 20x20m, with trees round the outside) I wanted to test the FF abilities. I took off, still got that funny pitch issue, did a few circuits, some figure eights, some backwards lazy eights then thought: ''hmm, I wonder if this heli will flip'' I tested positive and negative pitch, and cyclic, then went up about 20ft, and did a few flips, it went so well I tried a few inverted hovers before I knew it, that was the end of the pack .

Afterthoughts & adjustments: traced dodgy pitch back to oversized washout base, replaced with spare - much better.

Fourth Flight:
This flight took place today, I spooled up and took off, this time it responded to changes in pitch a little better, but still somewhat latent. did some piro hovers, circuits, eights, and some flips, rolls and inverted hovers (still not sorted that tail out)

Afterthoughts &adjustments: I LOVE how this heli flies inverted - swapped out the HK250PL tapered blades for a set of align tapered plastics - much better, one of these days I will try out the stock blades.

Fifth Flight:
This flight took place about 10 mins after flight four, I spooled up, did a nice smooth figure eight, and did a punchout to ~20ft, flipped to inverted and all of a sudden the motor cut out , attempted an inverted auto, but it didnt go TOO well, still managed to slow it down some though, pretty much stopped the blades. It hit the ground inverted, and I could not stop laughing - I was in normal mode . so that cut that flight short.

Afterthoughts &adjustments: this is one tough little heli, the mainshaft coller slipped up, stripped one servo and a screw came out of one bladegrip, didnt bend the main/feathering shaft, or even the flybar!!! (pics attatched)

So, in conclusion, I LOVE this heli, it is so fun to toss around the sky, and seems to have a fair amount of power with this motor, even with these old and tired packs

I just noticed that the remaining slop in the collective is coming from the flybar seesaw bushings - need to replace them with bearings asap (will do that after I replace the servos with my new ones, which just so happened to arrive today )

so, being the first to have an 'incident' (wouldnt really call it a crash) with the GT, I can state that it is pretty tough, obviously it wont take a 100mph dive into the ground, but the odd gentle crash shouldnt cause any damage at all.
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