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Originally Posted by jj604
QUESTION: Does anyone have any info on the Compaq ESP108 (Model DPS-450CB-1).
Hi John,

I have this power supply that I removed from a retired server today, hoping I could make myself a nice little bench supply. (Not related to RC stuff, but I found this forum Googling for how to make the PS work. So I figured I'd give back the info I have.)

After reading this thread and one other in this forum, I decided to try and figure it out. The logic that made the most sense to me had to do with the short pin. I think this is a common element on these server power supplies. The short pin is likely the "enable" pin and it needs to be grounded along with the "power on" pin.

If you're looking at the contact end of the supply with the contact row on top and the label facing up, there are 6 blade connectors on the left, then a group of 24 pins, then another row of 5 blades.

Pics for reference:

The pinout as far as I have tested is as follows:

Numbering from the left side of the 6 blades:
Blades 1 and 2: +3.3V
Blades 3 and 4: +5V
Blades 5 and 6: Chassis Ground

Numbering from the RIGHT side of the 5 blades:
Blade 1: No apparent connection.
Blade 2: +12V
Blades 3, 4 and 5: Chassis Ground

The grid of pins, numbered from top left to right:
Row 1
1 Enable (Short pin. Ground this one...)
2 Power on (...and this one to make the unit work)
3 Unknown
4 Unknown
5 Chassis Ground
6 Unknown

Row 2
7 +5VSB (Stand By, always on)
8 Unknown
9 Unknown
10 Unknown
11 Unknown
12 Unknown

Row 3
13 Unknown
14 Unknown
15 Unknown
16 Unknown
17 Unknown
18 Unknown

Row 4
19 -12V
20 Unknown
21 Unknown
22 Unknown
23 Unknown
24 Unknown

Regarding unknown pins: I run a lot of these servers and I would expect the other pins are health and diagnostic pins. For example, fan rotor lock or RPM sensor and power supply temperature are both very likely to be in there somewhere. I also would expect possibly a feedback system to keep the main power feeds calibrated.

I can get my hands on a few more of these power supplies since we are retiring a lot of servers and recycling them. If anyone wants one, let me know and I'll see what sort of cost I can give you, just to cover shipping. There are a few different models, so I'll have to figure out each of the pinouts first.

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